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Migrating to v1

On 4th of January, Quirrel 1.0 was released.

What's new?

The full release notes can be found here.

To enable the new client libraries, there are two breaking changes:

  • @quirrel/next is deprecated in favor of quirrel/next (notice the missing @)
  • Next.js users need to include api/ in their Queue's route string.

To migrate your project to v1, follow these steps:

  1. npm uninstall @quirrel/next
  2. npm install --save-prod quirrel@latest
  3. Apply these changes to all of your Queues:
    -import { Queue } from "@quirrel/next"
    +import { Queue } from "quirrel/next"
    // ...
    export default Queue(
    - "someQueue",
    + "api/someQueue",
    async () => {
    // ...
  4. Optional: Transition your self-made cron jobs to Quirrel's new CronJob()