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Event Reminder

This recipe schedules a booking reminder to be sent 30 minutes before show-time.

First, you define your Queue:

import { Queue } from "quirrel/next";
export default Queue("api/booking-reminder", async (bookingId) => {  const booking = await findBooking(bookingId);
  await sendSms({    to: booking.user.phoneNumber,    body: `Put on your dancing shoes for ${booking.event.title} 🕺`,  });});

Import the above file somewhere else and call .enqueue to schedule a the reminder:

import bookingReminder from "api/booking-reminder"import { subMinutes } from "date-fns"
async function createBooking(...) {  const booking = await createBooking(...);
  await bookingReminder.enqueue(,    {      runAt: subMinutes(, 30),
      // allows us to address this job later for deletion      id:    }  )}

That's all we need! Your customers will now be reminded 30 minutes before their booking begins.

If a booking is canceled, we can also delete the reminder job:

import bookingReminder from "api/booking-reminder"
async function cancelBooking(...) {  ...  await bookingReminder.delete(    bookingId // this is the same ID we set above  )}

If your SMS provider is flaky, specify a retry schedule:

export default Queue(  "api/booking-reminder",  ...,  {    // if execution fails, it will be retried    // 10s, 1min and 2mins after the scheduled date    retry: [ "10s", "1min", "2min" ]  })